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Canvas eBook

Step 1

A professor adopts a title and may add a digital learning tool like My Math Lab/Connect

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Textbooks and digital course materials are integrated directly into Canvas

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Students who are enrolled in a Canvas eBook course are billed to their student account prior to the start of classes

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On the first day of class, students click the course materials links in Canvas to access their resources

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Step 5

Students are notified they have until the opt-out deadline to opt-out of their Canvas eBook access. The EWU Eagle Store deactivates accounts for students who opt-out

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If you choose to opt-out consult your professor to ensure you don’t lose access to homework, quizzes, and/or tests

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Students who opted out are refunded for their course materials and are responsible for obtaining their course materials independently. The EWU Eagle Store will not stock Canvas eBook materials in the store

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Students who opted out can opt back in, but it may take up to a week to be able to access your course materials again

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the Canvas eBook Program?
What is Courseware?
How do I know if my Canvas eBook has Courseware?
How do I find out if my books are Canvas eBooks?
How do I access the digital course material?
I can’t access my Canvas eBook in Canvas, what do I do?
Where and When can I view my Canvas eBooks?
How do I opt-out?
When is the opt-out date?
I opted-out but would like to opt back in. Would this be possible?
I enrolled late to a class with a Canvas eBook, will I be automatically enrolled to access the eBook?
I have further questions who do I contact?

Cost Related Questions

How do I know how much each Canvas eBook costs?
Do I need to purchase anything from the Eagle Store or publisher's website?
Since I have access to the Canvas eBook digital course material on Canvas, is it free? Did someone pay for it?
How do I pay for my course material under Canvas eBook?
Is there a due date to pay off my “Canvas eBook Fee”?
How much will I pay for my digital course material under Canvas eBook?
Does my “Canvas eBook Fee” ever change?
I did not opt-out and I did not access any of the course material. Will I still be billed?
I forgot to opt-out and missed the deadline. Can I still get a refund?
If I dropped the course, will I receive a refund for the “Canvas eBook Fee”?
I have further questions who do I contact?
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